Tomas Neme committed ed7c978

last fix used view function by reference instead of name, and that might break things

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         profile_obj = user.get_profile()
     except ObjectDoesNotExist:
         if request.user == user: #If we are trying to view our own nonexistent profile, redirect to profile creation
-            return HttpResponseRedirect(reverse(create_profile))
+            return HttpResponseRedirect(reverse('profiles_create_profile'))
         raise Http404 #Otherwise 404
     if public_profile_field is not None and \
        not getattr(profile_obj, public_profile_field):
         if user == request.user: #If the user is trying to view their own (invisible) profile
-            return HttpResponseRedirect(reverse(edit_profile)) #Let them edit.
+            return HttpResponseRedirect(reverse('profiles_edit_profile')) #Let them edit.
         else: #Otherwise return no profile object.
             profile_obj = None