Lacuna PKI Amazon Connector


This package enables the following integrations between the Lacuna PKI SDK and Amazon Web Services:

  • Compress and decompress CAdES signatures storing the CRLs and certificates in an AWS S3 bucket
  • Perform and validate CAdES signatures with revocation references but without revocation values (CAdES-X Type 1 or ICP-Brasil AD-RV) by storing the correspondent values in an AWS S3 bucket

NOTE: In order to maximise compatibility, this package depends on an old version of the AWSSDK package version, but we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you install the latest version (currently the latest version with confirmed compatibility is 2.3.44, but any future 2.x versions should also work).

AWS Credentials

The first thing you'll need is to create an AWS S3 account (obviously) and get access credentials. If haven't already done that, the following links can guide you through the process:

By the end of that process you should have the following parameters:

  • Access Key ID
  • Secret Access Key
  • Bucket name
  • Bucket region


The AmazonS3Store class implements the ISimpleStore interface, which is used by the SDK whenever a storage is needed to store and/or retrieve objects, for instance when compressing CAdES signatures.

To use it, instantiate it passing the parameters mentioned in the previous section:

var store = AmazonS3Store.CreateFromAccessCredentials(accessKeyId, awsSecretAccessKey, RegionEndpoint.USEast1, bucketName);

You can optionally specify a basePath, which is a folder to store the objects:

var store = AmazonS3Store.CreateFromAccessCredentials(accessKeyId, awsSecretAccessKey, RegionEndpoint.USEast1, bucketName, "lacuna-pki-store");

That would prefix all keys with "lacuna-pki-store/". If you don't specify a basePath, the objects will be created on the root of the bucket.

Once you have an instance of the AmazonS3Store class you can, for instance, compress and decompress a CAdES signature:

byte[] precomputedSignature = ...; // any CAdES signature, not necessarily generated with the SDK
var compressedSignature = CadesSignatureCompression.Compress(precomputedSignature, store);
var decompressedSignature = CadesSignatureCompression.Decompress(compressedSignature, store);
// precomputedSignature and decompressedSignature will be the same

Source code

This package is open source. Feel free to fork it if you need to make any customizations.