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Revised README: add stopping instructions, warning on unclean exit on Windows

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 application may be safely stopped by typing Ctrl+C into the command-line or
 terminal window on both UNIX-like and Windows systems. It is possible to use
 pythonw.exe instead of python.exe to avoid spawning a command line window, but
-no method for stopping the process is provided.
+no method for stopping the process is provided (aside killing the process via
+`taskkill` or the Task Manager).
+== Stopping ==
+To stop a bot running as a daemon (minibotd.py), simply call `minibotd.py stop`.
+To stop a bot on UNIX running normally (minibot.py), you can issue an INT signal
+(Ctrl+C), HUP (close the terminal), or signal 15 (non-forced kill).
+On Windows, it is strongly recommended that you _only_ exit the bot using
+Ctrl+C. Note that `taskkill` (without `/f`) and closing the console window do
+NOT shut down the bot gracefully (I haven't figured out how to intercept those
 == Dependencies ==
 - Python 2.6 or 2.7 (recent older versions may work, but no guarantees;