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The Daily Prompt

Hello! Welcome to the development repository for the Daily Prompt Bot.

The Daily Prompt is part of the Shut Up and Write reddit community. Its purpose is to make available interesting, creative or thought-provoking fiction-writing prompts, one per day, and allow users to post their short stories or other works inspired by these prompts, read what others wrote, exchange critique, etc.

The DailyPromptBot has been developed in order to manage some of the subreddit's activities. Its primary functions are to manage the queue of upcoming prompts, to post the prompts to the subreddit on time, and to post the weekly prompt suggestion thread. The selection of the prompts and their queuing into DailyPromptBot are handled by the moderators.

Here, you'll find the source code and primary development hub of TheDailyPrompt. Feel free to look around, or even fork this repo and to edit it. (However, do be warned that it's a little messy!). If you have any questions or concerns, contact /u/Laogeodritt.

Why was I linked here on /r/TheDailyPrompt?

Simply put, the DailyPromptBot account is new and doesn't have link karma. Reddit always requires a captcha for new accounts, which means it can't automatically post anything—it requires human intervention to solve the captcha. We need DailyPromptBot to get just a little link karma so that it can do its job, and we figured that this page was appropriate to link to.

Here's a link back to the Reddit post.