Marc-Alexandre Chan committed df9303e

Fixing floating-point imprecision in time formatting

WordWar minor change in init - don't call time.time() again

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         # initialise instance
-        self.startAt(time.time() + delay)
+        self.startAt(self.declareTime() + delay)
         self._cb_func(self, self.CB_DECLARED)


         return None
     time_div = 0
-    time_rem = time
+    time_rem = round(time) # avoid problem floats being slightly below int value
     timestr_pieces = []
     unitvals = [("w", 604800), ("d", 86400), ("h", 3600), ("min", 60), ("s", 1)]
     plurunits = { "w"  : u"weeks",   "d"  : u"days"  , "h": u"hours",
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