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Or other subreddits in the future. I believe that /r/writing could be influenced positively by more immediate and active voting, so announcing new submissions would likely be beneficial for the subreddit.

If you fear that the announcements would become spammy, perhaps a subscription/unsubscription system that sends a NOTICE to all users subscribed to a subreddit's new queue would work better.

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  1. Marc-Alexandre Chan repo owner

    Classified as feature request, target milestone unspecified.

    I like the sub/unsub idea. Could we also consider a separate channel for in-channel announcements. We could also maybe pool together several writing subs (e.g. writing, promptoftheday for those interested, WritersGroup—okay, not the best example, but supposing there are a handful that might be worth it) into the channel, and have direct announcements on a per-sub basis.

  2. Marc-Alexandre Chan repo owner

    Upping the priority on this, per user discussions.

    Planned features:

    • Per-user subscriptions. Users receive individual notices or /msgs upon new posts.
    • Whitelist of reddits that may be subbed to.
    • Possible: option for in-channel announcements alongside that. Low priority, but trivial enough to add.
  3. Marc-Alexandre Chan repo owner
    • Subscription: require NickServ identification for subscriptions to apply. Rationale: the requirement prevents random unregistered nicks from being subscribed, or occasional passersby from subscribing and never coming back. Feature is for regular users who care about the new feed and quality of content, not for casual passersby; the NickServ registration effort is reasonable for the feature's intended audience and advantageous to such users in other respects.
    • In-channel announcements.
    • Admins/moderators can override subscriptions and subscribe a channel.
    • Reddits: writing, shutupandwrite, promptoftheday (if acquired)
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