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Issue #27 new

Player already participating error if a participant changes nick to a prior (quit/disconnected) participant

Marc-Alexandre Chan
repo owner created an issue

PyroIsMedic|7659 was participating in a word war.

PyroIsMedic joined the channel (PyroIsMedic|7659 was a phantom connection at this point).

PyroIsMedic joined the word dwar.

PyroIsMedic|7659 pinged out. PyroIsMedic nicked to PyroIsMedic|7659, causing this error.

[16:00:23] <ScrivenerBot> 16:00:23: INFO Restoring PyroIsMedic|7659 in all word wars. [16:00:24] <ScrivenerBot> 16:00:23: ERROR KeyError: u"Cannot add player 'PyroIsMedic|7659' in word war 'DBK|16210': player already participating." raised in 'addParticipant', file '/home/Laogeodritt/scrivbot/runtime/pyGBot/Plugins/writing/WordWarfareFiles/WordWar.py', line 229

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