ScrivBot - A Shut Up and Write Project
Version 0.1.2-beta

Author: Marc-Alexandre Chan <laogeodritt at>

Copyright (c) 2012 Marc-Alexandre Chan. Licensed under the GNU General Public
License version 3.0 or, at your option, any later version. See the COPYING file
included with this program.

For #shutupandwrite on
        A Shut Up and Write Project <>

== Introduction ==

ScrivBot is an IRC bot that provides tools and features for writing
communities, such as word wars, personal statistics, public note storage,
subreddit post announcements and more.

ScrivBot is a set of plugins for PyGBot <>,
an IRC bot framework for Python.

== Installing ==

1. Obtain and configure pyGBot <>.
2. Copy the contents of the ``Plugins`` directory into the pyGBot ``Plugins``
3. Enable the plugins in the ``pyGBot.ini`` config file of your pyGBot install.
4. Add the configuration sections for the ScrivBot plugins to the config file,
   and configure them to your liking.
5. Run pyGBot normally.

For step 3 and 4, you can take a look at the example ``pyGBot.ini`` file
included with pyGBot. If you're not sure what's going on, take a look at the
pyGBot documentation on installing, configuring and enabling a plugin.

Note that the files and are for my personal
testing and use. You can look at the source and use them if you wish, but
they are completely unsupported.

== Dependencies ==
- pyGBot and dependencies (latest on dev branch; d96e6ff6cb2f is tested working)