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ScrivBot, also known as ScrivenerBot in its official instance, is an IRC bot for fiction-writing channels. It is officially developed for Reddit's /r/writing (#/r/writing on Freenode) and /r/shutupandwrite (#shutupandwrite on Freenode) communities.

ScrivBot consists of a set of plugins for pyGBot, an extensible IRC bot and framework.


Italicised features are not yet implemented.

  • Word wars: ScrivBot allows users to start and participate in word wars. ScrivBot will keep track of who is participating, and message them when a word war begins, ends, or as a reminder of time remaining. After a word war, it will ask users for their word counts, declare a winner and also track this information to generate statistics.
  • Word count tracking: ScrivBot allows users to track their daily word count achievements, either per project or overall for themselves. They can later obtain statistics on their word counts and progression.
  • Statistics: ScrivBot allows users to obtain statistics for word wars and word counts, either overall, per-person or over periods of time. It will eventually support graphical output of statistics over time.
  • Prompt database: ScrivBot can hold a database of user-submitted writing prompts and categorise them to appeal to different writers. Users can ask for a random prompt, or ScrivBot can be configured to pick one at random when the channel is quiet for a certain amount of time (optional).
  • Lookup tools (incomplete): ScrivBot lets you quickly look up references like Wikipedia, a dictionary, a thesaurus, etc. When users query ScrivBot's lookup tools, ScrivBot will check if an entry exists, and return a link to the entry (and sometimes an excerpt, depending on the tool).
  • Bonuses: For when you need help making decisions, ScrivBot has a dice-roll and decision-making feature.


Download the latest pyGBot and ScrivBot code from the respective repositories on the dev branch, and follow the pyGBot instructions for installing and configuring plugins. You'll mostly have to figure this out (shouldn't be too difficult!), but see 'Contact' below if you have any issues. (It's also possible that the latest pyGBot dev branch is not compatible with ScrivBot, since we're planning a big revamp of pyGBot sometime in the future—again, feel free to contact me if needed.)


For comments, questions or support, please contact Laogeodritt or awkisopen on IRC, in the channel #shutupandwrite on


Italicised items are complete.

  1. Release 0.1
    • Wikipedia lookup (with preview)
    • Wiktionary lookup (without preview - particular markup makes it difficult to parse, and preview could show 2-3 short definitions at most)
    • Word war management (no tracking)
  2. Release 0.2
    • Reddit-related community features
    • Notes
  3. Release 0.3
    • Word War Tracking
    • Basic statistics (per-user overall, maybe last week/month/year)
  4. Future (unsorted)
    • User wordcount tracking
    • Advanced statistics (per-user overall, last week/month/year, specific time period, graphs)
    • Prompt database
    • Better dictionary and thesaurus lookup tools
    • Encouragements
    • 100% MOAR FUN