Mike Bayer committed 8906ae2

- update this to work with the latest postgis
- fix the userdefinedtype issue.

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 from sqlalchemy.orm.interfaces import AttributeExtension
 from import ColumnProperty
-from sqlalchemy.types import TypeEngine
+from sqlalchemy.types import UserDefinedType
 from sqlalchemy.sql import expression
 from sqlalchemy import event
     def wkt(self):
-        return func.AsText(literal(self, Geometry))
+        return func.ST_AsText(literal(self, Geometry))
     def wkb(self):
-        return func.AsBinary(literal(self, Geometry))
+        return func.ST_AsBinary(literal(self, Geometry))
     def __str__(self):
         return self.desc
     def __init__(self, desc, srid=-1):
         assert isinstance(desc, basestring)
         self.desc = desc
-        expression.Function.__init__(self, "GeomFromText", desc, srid)
+        expression.Function.__init__(self, "ST_GeomFromText", desc, srid)
 # SQL datatypes.
-class Geometry(TypeEngine):
+class Geometry(UserDefinedType):
     """Base PostGIS Geometry column type.
     Converts bind/result values to/from a PersistentGisElement.
-    name = 'GEOMETRY'
     def __init__(self, dimension=None, srid=-1):
         self.dimension = dimension
         self.srid = srid
+    def get_col_spec(self):
+        return "GEOMETRY"
     def bind_processor(self, dialect):
         def process(value):
             if value is not None:
         elif event == 'after-create':
             table.columns = self._stack.pop()
             for c in table.c:
                 if isinstance(c.type, Geometry):
-                    bind.execute(select([func.AddGeometryColumn(,, c.type.srid,, c.type.dimension)], autocommit=True))
+                    bind.execute(select([func.AddGeometryColumn(,, c.type.srid, c.type.get_col_spec(), c.type.dimension)], autocommit=True))
         elif event == 'after-drop':
             table.columns = self._stack.pop()