yii-bootstrap2 / widgets / BootModal.php

 * BootModal class file.
 * @author Christoffer Niska <ChristofferNiska@gmail.com>
 * @copyright Copyright &copy; Christoffer Niska 2011-
 * @license http://www.opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.php New BSD License
 * @since 0.9.3


// todo: update to work with Bootstrap 2.
class BootModal extends BootWidget
	 * @var string the name of the container element. Defaults to 'div'.
	public $tagName = 'div';

	 * Initializes the widget.
	public function init()

		$id = $this->getId();
		if (isset($this->htmlOptions['id']))
			$id = $this->htmlOptions['id'];
			$this->htmlOptions['id'] = $id;

		$options = !empty($this->options) ? CJavaScript::encode($this->options) : '';
        $this->registerScript(__CLASS__.'#'.$id, "jQuery('#{$id}').bootModal($options);");

		echo CHtml::openTag($this->tagName, $this->htmlOptions).PHP_EOL;

	 * Runs the widget.
	public function run()
		echo CHtml::closeTag($this->tagName);
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