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This software is a simple and efficient GUI for extracting tracks from Matroska (mkv) files.
It is written in C++, using the GTK framework.

For now, it uses the tools provided by the mkvextract command line tool.


This software uses the mkvextract-cli tools to extract the mkv tracks.
You need to install it to use the GUI.

CMAKE utility is required to compile this program.

To install CMAKE, run the following command:
	- ubuntu : $ sudo apt-get install cmake
	- archlinux (as root): $ pacman -S cmake

When installed, start by creating a directory for building :
	$ mkdir build_dir
	$ cd build_dir
	$ cmake /path_to_source_folder
Finally, to compile, just run :
	$ make
The executable can be found here : build_dir/mkvextract-gtk

To install run (as a superuser) :
	$ make install
When installed, to launch the program, just run:
	$ mkvextract-gtk
To unistall, (run as a superuser) :
	$ make uninstall

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