Created By: Lightnet
 link: https://bitbucket.org/Lightnet/botnode
 license: cc by-sa


Created By: Lightnet

This is "as is" product!

This support one user currenly. Not yet work on handle multi users.

Information: Trying to create a simple AI Avatar that everyone want to used and friendly.
To have some basic lanaguage and speak functions and other feature that make your
AI interact with you once in a while. It depend on how big is the file and how much it is used.
Trying to make it open src or just do it.

The idea I got it from show and anime show are fun to watch.

This is just simple program script that is server and cient side.
It deal with basic talk and reponse to the users in question the bot and answers.
Note the database is currently empty but test strings.

Server and Client used socket.io and express packages and many other more.
Database will be mongo since it open to public as well easy to access.
It will later be save in xml format or string database.
jquery and UI-jquery for easy to design layout.

-internet access that support some scripts.
-mongoskin 0.3.0
-mongodb 0.9.9

npm install mongodb@0.9.9
npm install mongoskin@0.3.0


Note the following links and config right if you want to get it working.

This is work in progress build that later will be config settings.

--var socket = io.connect('http://localhost:8080/'); //change the address to your own
--var chat = io.connect('http://localhost:8080/'+'/chat'); //change the chat taht yet to be work with.