Project Name: Game Master Code Nations

Created By: Lightnet

Note: They will change without notices.
Note: Testing out the engines builds. Work in progress.

Information: Prototype for World Creation for Game Master for a board game but real time strategy or without strategy.
It is decide by the Game Master. Sharing contents for users.
Trying to create some what sandbox game. As oppose to multiple servers.
Game Master can do anything as long the person decide it.
Player can make scripts and events and other thing that Map can do. As long there assets contents, sharing, and many other more of the coding from out or in side of the game.

License Coding: cc
 * Currently do not used asset or files that is currently place holder for the game builds. *
 * Note some code are not check. Read the top of the code some times. As well it will be list.
License Contents: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License
 * your not aollow to used for Commercial.
 * Assets are not to be used. Unless it free to used.(meaning image, mesh, model, animation set, and other relaction with the materials are not to be used for your own game)

 * Prototype that is in work in progress.
 * The contents are just placeholder.
 * This is just a testing phase and learning and seeing what work for me.