* Project Name: gamemasterserverjs
 * Created By: Lightnet
 * license: cc by-sa
 * link:

 Note this is just a test or work in progress build.
 Required Packages:
 Information: The game master server is for player who wanted to be list in the main server list.
 Nodejs will be used as well of the many packages that will ease to simple function out. Result are to
 reduce develop time spend on server list functions. It used the event-driven. It an site that add and
 remove to list the hosting. That it used season base or connections. 
 Using MongoDB database to able to get server list quickly.
 Features To DO list:
 -account (It to deal with access to the main server listing and others)
 -admin (...)
 -detect browser and game host (It to deal with player seeing the html format and game dataformat to read in server list)