Created By: Lightnet

Coding license: cc
Content license: cc by nc

This just a work in progress or prototype.

Information: Trying to test out some flash UI components that is just coded in Actionscript3. Base on minimalcomps.
Just made few chnages to minimalcomps packages to work with UDK UI in Scaleform 4.0 that support Actionscript3 known as AS3.

Credits to:
Information: It to use the very basic UI Components for Flash in Actionscript 3.

-There was one bug that found while testing it that is the filters > DropShadowFilter as doesn't show up.
-If there too many UI it might crash that depend on flash features that are disable or that it doesn't work with scaleform.
-Keep the UI, layer, and public access to the top level of the root to code for simple UI and render.