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Sometimes when I make a sign for someone to show their playtime on the server, the sign does not show anything. The message on the sign is: This sign is pending on data updates.

We have configured everything else and its works with the webserver and all.

I've noticed if the player have alot of playtime the sign goes that way but someone with a couple of hours playtime wont be affected? I don't get any errros in console

This might be a easy problem to fix?

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  1. Sybren Gjaltema repo owner

    Sign should update when the playtime for that specific player updates. This means that when the player comes online for even one second, the sign should update.

  2. Mathias Johansson

    The players were online when I made the signs and I made another sign like 1 month ago and the player have been online several times since then.

  3. Sybren Gjaltema repo owner

    I am still unable to reproduce this... Who knows, maybe it was fixed in the mean time. Could you try out the latest dev-build and see if it still happens? If so, I'd like to join the server.

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