Avatars Orchard module Readme

Project Description

An Orchard module that brings avatars to the platform


  • Avatar pictures can be uploaded by users
  • User profiles show avatar pictures
  • AvatarPart to show avatars with any content type
  • Configuration to make constraints on uploadable images
  • Import/export settings


This module needs at least Orchard 1.8!

First steps

The module depends on Helpful Libraries and Profile. Make sure to install them first! From Profile use this fork, updated to be compatible with the latest Orchard version.

  • Avatar settings are added to Settings/Media.
  • There'll be a new content part, AvatarPart. You can attach this part to any content type you wish the avatar to display at. Please note that AvatarPart can only be attached to types that also have Common part (and therefore an Owner)!
  • Users can upload their own avatar on their profile page. Please refer to the documentation of the Profile module how it works and how you can display a link to the profiles and the profile editor page.
  • The module overrides some shapes to integrate the functionality the Profile module provides. - The User shape, where the "Welcome, <UserName>" and the logout link is displayed is enhanced with a link to the profile editing page. Parts_Common_Metadata and Parts_Common_Metadata_Summary contain a link to the author's profile.

Version History

The module's source is available in two public source repositories, automatically mirrored in both directions with Git-hg Mirror:

Bug reports, feature requests and comments are warmly welcome, please do so via GitHub. Feel free to send pull requests too, no matter which source repository you choose for this purpose.

This project is developed by Lombiq Technologies Ltd. Commercial-grade support is available through Lombiq.