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Issue #224 resolved
BABYLON created an issue

Please add Arabic language sites. Please, there are a lot of Arabic sites that translate Japanese manga And the Arabic site in the application there is no download button .. I am an Arab young man and I want to follow manga in Arabic This is some Arabic sites for manga translation

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  1. BABYLON reporter

    There is no Arabic site other than one and there is no Download button ....?????? please reply

  2. BABYLON reporter

    Hello ... You mentioned from 2 to 4 hours will be these sites of Arabic manga in the application ... And this more than once a day .. There is none of these sites in the application ... ???? Only one does not work ... Please work on the existence of these sites of Arabic manga .. Please respond to my message Am Samstag, 28. Oktober 2017 schrieb veopot2014 :

  3. Владимир Топоев


    there was a delay but everything was already added to the repository all 3 nice reading sites

  4. BABYLON reporter

    Hello I thank you all and very much for putting the Arabic sites of manga .. thank you ... thank you

  5. Yury Savelyev repo owner
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