Mangafox/Fanfox parser not working due to webside rework

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Issue #361 closed
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Android version: Android 8, Galaxy S7

App version:

Component: Parser

Description: Due to a new version of the Mangafox/Fanfox website the currently provided repo. parser is not working anymore.No description, cover, summery, chapters (and so on) can be found for all selectable manga in catalog.

How to repeat: Try to add a manga to libary with currently provided Mangafox parser from catalog.

Parser: Mangafox

Manga: all

Manga Chapter: all

Type of reader: not applicable

Reading direction: not applicable

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  1. Rok Gorjanc

    I've done some digging..

    As I don't know how the parser works, I will just explain how to get the image.

    1. Example link:

    2. Parse the link to get the following variables inside the page: var chapterid =579598; and var imagepage=15;

    3. Insert the variables into the following url:

    Which returns (code formatted for readability):

    function dm5imagefun() {
        var pix = "//";
        var pvalue = ["/n20190131_111410_841.jpg?token=2d4238d34719d12e7610ff8ed69981ae6c260df5&ttl=1549468800", "/n20190131_111410_842.jpg?token=590c7fbb8873fe8430a4a965fe040c7f07122033&ttl=1549468800", "/n20190131_111410_843.jpg?token=28e6f602fb88374365cd3274ff78641e1c670b01&ttl=1549468800", "/n20190131_111410_844.jpg?token=a1132d13379ed38bdb42a0124465a80f37bfcc31&ttl=1549468800", "/n20190131_111410_845.jpg?token=a5a44110ca20bbad851b3cccaac22967847658f6&ttl=1549468800", "/n20190131_111410_846.jpg?token=72a69da8d01651011601af162be6e5653639bb2e&ttl=1549468800", "/n20190131_111410_847.jpg?token=d6546d44013c80df27b9c9b02ec51c6cfadac0d1&ttl=1549468800", "/n20190131_111410_848.jpg?token=456b4a199540070a9e1d0e1b65c135f6ae1e8ccf&ttl=1549468800", "/n20190131_111410_849.jpg?token=07276dbc5f703ee1832b88a6f818b385cefadfd0&ttl=1549468800", "/n20190131_111410_850.jpg?token=3e15f8a66ac342974d0d3f033d09ddab263906d6&ttl=1549468800", "/n20190131_111410_851.jpg?token=72684b60fd1c16ba350c6ba342d2a40947df7fa6&ttl=1549468800", "/n20190131_111410_852.jpg?token=4d14069e03355f81a4b9d1009445257e65cb2ad2&ttl=1549468800", "/n20190131_111410_853.jpg?token=f0eda05fadc4fd5902354f7d9b3bea693236af8b&ttl=1549468800", "/n20190131_111410_854.jpg?token=c7e837f4e0d8a71e3c15c96c1bffae6a6537982c&ttl=1549468800", "/n20190131_111410_855.jpg?token=fc87ec02562727d8be0213c8bf140f6ea6b79146&ttl=1549468800", "/n20190131_111410_856.jpg?token=c0b42da20a164e809bfc26f943adcbf6e5442640&ttl=1549468800", "/n20190131_111410_857.jpg?token=639a1b338b71191682a470f80e3275ed7d6eb787&ttl=1549468800"];
        for (var i = 0; i < pvalue.length; i++) {
            if (i == 0) {
                pvalue[i] = "//" + pvalue[i];
            pvalue[i] = pix + pvalue[i]
        return pvalue
    var d;
    d = dm5imagefun();
    currentimageid = 0;
    Load Manga
    1. Parse the response to get: var pix = "//"; and var pvalue = ["/n20190131_111410_841.jpg

    2. Merge into url to get the image:

    Hope this helps with fixing the parser!

  2. CrazyXacker

    @Enzycal Thank you for info. I'm already know about how fanfox is working. But parser can't do such complex things. There are two possible ways to fix that: 1) update engine and add some specific methods to deal with fanfox. 2) crack fanfox manga app and grab api methods for future intregration in app as "native" parser.

    First way may be done in MWX, but i'm not working on engine updates in app anymore (because of switching onto AniLabX development (with future manga support)) and because engine in MWX is much different of my main branch and has many conflicts.

    Second way may be done if fanfox app didn't use some "protection" methods, but such native parsers isn't supported in MWX. So, for now we can't provide any "fix" and we don't know if can do it MWX.

  3. Yury Savelyev repo owner
    • removed component

    Removing component: Парсеры (Parsers) (automated comment)

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