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================ pyramid_facebook ================ .. image:: https://drone.io/bitbucket.org/Ludia/pyramid_facebook/status.png :target: https://drone.io/bitbucket.org/Ludia/pyramid_facebook .. image:: https://pypip.in/d/pyramid_facebook/badge.png :target: https://crate.io/packages/pyramid_facebook/ Provides simple pyramid routes/views for facebook canvas application. Some documentation on https://pyramid-facebook.readthedocs.org/en/latest/ Configuration ============= #. Create facebook application on https://developers.facebook.com/apps #. Add facebook settings in .ini file under application section and fill with facebook application parameters: .. code-block:: ini facebook.app_id = facebook.secret_key = facebook.namespace = facebook.scope = #. In the app settings on https://developers.facebook.com/apps, set callbak url to point to `[facebook app namespace]/` #. Include ``pyramid_facebook`` in your config: .. code-block:: python config.include('pyramid_facebook') config.scan() #. Define your facebook canvas view: .. code-block:: python from pyramid_facebook.canvas import facebook_canvas @facebook_canvas() def canvas(context, request): # canvas is available only to users who accepted facebook permission # defined in setting['facebook.scope']. # context.facebook_data dict contains signed_request content. # i.e.: # user_id = context.facebook["user_id"] return Response('Hello Facebok World') #. Browse to your app on `http://apps.facebook.com/[app namespace]`