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-- add ``DynamoDbModel.validate()`` based on Onctuous
+- add ``DynamoDBModel.validate()`` based on Onctuous
 - data are validated prior to any write operations
 - cache tables objects in ConnectionBorg to avoid superfluous``DescribeTable`` requests
+- ``__schema__`` can now use Onctuous for deep definitions
+- ``DynamoDBModel.__init__`` set members with no value nor default value to ``None`` instead of "neutral" value
 - revert the fix for bug #17 (regressions).
+- move dev deps to (pip install -r
 - all functions relying on type coercion in ``__init__`` will now need to it themselves
+- make sure all fields are set before saving or marked as optional as "neutral" values are no longer generated
 DynamoDBMapper 1.7.1