Database access logging

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Issue #3 resolved
Jean-Tiare Le Bigot created an issue

It has been suggested to add logging support to DDBM.

== Proposed design: ==

  • standard logging module
  • after each operation:
  • [Status] OperationType on targetTable (hash, range)

Comments (6)

  1. Éric Araujo

    After each operation *that goes to the DB*, i.e. get/query/scan/save.

    For the message, using table name, primary key or comparison operators or other info depends on each operation. get should log table name and primary key, scan table name and params, etc.

    I’d like a distinct logger than DDBM’s existing logger, so that I can attach a handler just for the DB operations (to debug throttling issues). E.g. the global logger could be 'dynamodb-mapper' and this new one 'dynamodb-mapper.database-access'.

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