Remove implicit "neutral values" in __init__

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Issue #6 on hold
Jean-Tiare Le Bigot created an issue

When an item is created or loaded from the database, fields for which there are no known values are explicitly set to a neutral value like "0", "<empty string>" or

This is redundant with default types constructors. It is also a bad idea to rely on these values when instanciating a new Item. It will thus be removed.

If you need default values to ease objects creation, just use the default dict in your model or the init method

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  1. √Čric Araujo

    Big +1, I find more and more cases where this behavior is actually not helpful (recently when refactoring a class with a datetime field).

  2. Jean-Tiare Le Bigot reporter

    Raise exception in ``init`` and ``from_dict`` when a value is not properly given

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