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dynamodb-mapper / CHANGES.rst

DynamoDBMapper 1.6.1

This section documents all user visible changes included between DynamoDBMapper version 1.6.0 and version 1.6.1


  • fixed bug in scan

DynamoDBMapper 1.6.0

This page documents all user visible changes included between DynamoDBMapper version 1.5.0 and version 1.6.0


  • support for default values in a __defaults__ dict
  • specify instances members via global __init__ **kwargs


  • transactions engine rewrite to support multiple targets
  • transactions always persisted after first write attempt
  • transactions engine now embeds its own minimal schema
  • transactions can be set transient on a 'per instance basis' instead of class
  • autoinc hash key now relies on atomic add to prevent risks of races
  • autoinc magic element moved to -1 instead of 0 to prevent accidental overwrite
  • autoinc magic element now hidden from scan results
  • factorized default value code
  • enforce batch size 100 limit
  • full inline documentation
  • 99% test coverage




For all tables relying on autoinc feature, manually move element at 'hash_key' = 0 to 'hash_key' = -1.
Should be retro-compatible but you are strongly advised to adopt the new API. - specify targets and setters via Transactions._get_transactors - avoid any use of Transactions._get_target and Transactions._alter_target - save is now called automatically as long as at least 1 write was attempted - __schema__ might not be required anymore due to Transaction having a new one - requester_id hash key must be set by the user See these method's documentation for more informations

Known bugs