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G Hines created an issue

Following the starting example code from http://ddbmock.readthedocs.org/en/latest/pages/getting_started.html, I enter

pserve development.ini

(For me this opens port 5000.) I then enter the code

def connect_boto_network(host='localhost', port=5000):
    import boto
    from boto.regioninfo import RegionInfo
    endpoint = '{}:{}'.format(host, port)
    region = RegionInfo(name='ddbmock', endpoint=endpoint)
    return boto.connect_dynamodb(region=region, port=port, is_secure=False)

However, when I try to run connect_boto_network, I get the error:

File "./dynamodb.py", line 19, in <module> connect_boto_network() .... boto.exception.NoAuthHandlerFound: No handler was ready to authenticate. 1 handlers were checked. ['HmacAuthV4Handler'] Check your credentials

Pretty sure this is not supposed to happen.

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