BETWEEN condition not validating properly

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Issue #7 resolved
Alan Descoins created an issue

There is an error in the validation of the BETWEEN condition, which needs two values (start, end) and not one.

I have forked dynamodb-mock in my GitHub because I needed this fixed quick. To make things easier for you, here is the commit where you can check out the diff.

Hope you can incorporate this into ddbmock soon :)

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  1. Jean-Tiare Le Bigot

    Oops... You're right, good catch. Thanks a lot ! I will incorporate this ASAP. Btw, there should be a new release pretty soon :)

  2. Jean-Tiare Le Bigot

    I reviewed and included your patch with a couple of enhancement and tour name in the commit log. I hope you don't mind ? (see link above for details)

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