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Éric Araujo
created an issue

I’m writing a Pyramid view to return 400 Bad Request and I’m not quite sure which exception I should use as context: SchemaError seems only raised from the internal Extra function, so I don’t know if it means there’s a problem in onctuous, my app or the request.

Alternatively, the exception hierarchy could be simplified: if SchemaError is internal to onctuous, it can be replaced by something else, then Invalid becomes the base class to catch and Error becomes redundant (unless you want to have a hierarchy like Error → InvalidElement and Error → InvalidList, but I’m not sure there’a a use case).

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  1. Jean-Tiare Le Bigot

    I'm sorry, I completely stopped working on my former Ludia projects. The fact is I'm now fully dedicated to my startup. This said, this behavior is a legacy from Voluptuous and I totally support the option of merging changes back Voluptuous.

  2. Éric Araujo reporter

    I understand that you have no current use or time for projects you started here. Given the other bug about merging back the fork, I’m happy with wontfix here : )

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