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Éric Araujo
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The maintainer of voluptuous was not available for a little time, but now he is active again. I think it would be best to merge back. We may have bug fixes that still aren’t fixed upstream, there’s a change in a downstream fork, and we have docs and unit tests. I propose to make an exhaustive review and send patches upstream.

@jtlebigot As you put all the work in onctuous, what do you think of this?

@Hadrien David From a technical direction viewpoint, what’s your opinion?

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  1. Jean-Tiare Le Bigot

    As did most of Onctuous work, I really appreciate that you ask for my opinion. Nonetheless, It has not changed since the beginning. A fork is a hell of mess to maintain so that I totally second your suggestion of merging back to Voluptuous.

    This said, as you pointed out, it will be a lot of work to merge back because of the multiple code re-organisations and new design decisions will have to be made by both project.

  2. Éric Araujo reporter

    Some things have diverged a little (onctous killed defaults_to, voluptuous added auto-coerce mode), but other parts are similar (renamings and bug fixes), and we could build some good will with our automated tests and nice documentation. Given your general agreement, I will get in touch with voluptuous’ author and do the work.

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