Pior Bastida avatar Pior Bastida committed 3e76032

packaging: always use pip to build deb

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-ifneq ($(wildcard debian/pip-ok),)
-	INSTALLCMD = pip install .
-	INSTALLCMD = python setup.py install
 TEMPLATES := $(patsubst %.in,%,$(wildcard debian/*.in) $(wildcard debian/.*.in))
 	$(DEB_VENV)/bin/easy_install debian/gevent-1.0rc1-py2.7-linux-x86_64.egg
 	@echo "*** Python packages installation (Application) ***"
+	$(DEB_VENV)/bin/pip install .
 	@echo "*** Make virtualenv relocatable ***"
 	debian/virtualenv.py -p python2.7 --relocatable $(DEB_VENV)
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