Pior Bastida avatar Pior Bastida committed 4db6e13

* packaging: move last uwsgi options from upstart to uwsgi.ini

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   [ -r /etc/opt/@@package@@/environment ] && . /etc/opt/@@package@@/environment
-  exec /opt/@@package@@/bin/uwsgi --master --no-orphans --die-on-term \
-       --procname-prefix-spaced @@package@@ \
-       --ini /opt/@@package@@/etc/uwsgi.ini
+  exec /opt/@@package@@/bin/uwsgi --ini /opt/@@package@@/etc/uwsgi.ini
 end script
 post-start exec logger -p local3.info -t @@package@@ service started


 # Process control
+master = true
+no-orphans = true
+die-on-term = true
+procname-prefix-spaced = python-{application}
 need-app = true
 uid = python-{application}
 gid = www-data
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