Add support for generating all classes in namspace

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All our model classes are in the same namespace


We want all our models to have a typescript definition

Would it not be nice with a

.ForNamespace(string namespacePath) 


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  1. Unknown Name

    Ah, solved it:

    <#@ assembly name="$(TargetDir)Company.App.Web.Data.dll" #>
    var ts = TypeScript.Definitions();
    var types = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.GetAssemblies()
                            .SelectMany(t => t.GetTypes())
                            .Where(t => t.IsClass && t.Namespace == "Company.App.Web.Data.Models");
    foreach(var type in types)
        ts = ts.For(type);
    <#= ts.Generate(TsGeneratorOutput.Properties) #>
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