WithConvertor on custom type removes type from output

Issue #23 on hold
Former user created an issue

Considering config .ForLoadedAssemblies() .WithFormatter((type, f) => "I" + ((TypeLite.TsModels.TsClass)type).Name) Adding .WithConvertor<MyType>(type => "KnockoutObservable<IMyType>")

will generate correct property "KnockoutObservable<IMyType>" but "IMyType" interface is no longer generated.

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  1. Lukas Kabrt repo owner

    I see your point, but the idea behind TypeConverters is to bypass the whole type resolution and formating process and use the specified string in directly in the output file.

    There isn't any support for your scenario in the current version of the library, but for the next major release I'd like to rethink the concept of formatters / converters, so it might change in the future.

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