Properties with System.Guid type result in invalid typescript code

Issue #6 resolved
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When transforming a class like this:

  // In namespace ViewModel
    public class LocationDto
        public Guid Id { get; set; }

The TypeLite library creates this:

module ViewModel {
interface LocationDto {
  Id: Guid;
module System {
  interface Guid {

This results in code that won't compile in TypeScript because the Guid interface is declared in a different module from the DTO class.

If you move the Guid interface declaration to the "ViewModel" module in the generated code above, the code will compile.

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  1. jamie_tillman reporter

    Looking at this issue more closely, it seems a good solution might be to fully qualify the typename of the property:

    Id: System.Guid;

    This seems to work and allows the Guid definition to reside in the System module as intended.

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