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Issue #36 resolved

Upgrade to 3.8

Anonymous created an issue

Please update to 3.8 I hate to see only one wallpaper all day

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  1. UnsolvedCypher

    Manually changing the metadata.json file to support 3.8 works, so you can do that for now. I've also submitted a pull request, so 3.8 will be supported if it is merged.

  2. Lukas Knuth repo owner

    I declined your pull-request for the reasons listed in the request.

    Also, the next update will include some small changes from my ToDo list, so it'll be a bit more than just 3.8 support.

    I'll start development as soon as 3.8 hits the stable-repos of Arch, which should be any day now.

  3. UnsolvedCypher

    Ok, I'll submit requests to the developer branch from now on. 3.8 has been out of testing and in the [extra] repo on Arch since April 21st. Also, why not release a quick version with 3.8 support now so the 3.8 users don't have to wait, and then add the features in a later release?

  4. Lukas Knuth repo owner

    Seems pacman fucked that up, sorry for the delay.

    I'll implement some more features and do some testing if everything works as expected, but so far, it's looking good. Update should be out at the end of the week.

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