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Issue #38 on hold

Translation for [fr]

Anonymous created an issue


just followed the TRANSLATION.md page to submit the translation for french spoken people.

G. Bougard, from France

Comments (11)

  1. Guillaume Bougard

    Sorry, I don't have any edit button... surely because I firstly created the issue as Anonymous and this account is not authorized to edit this issue. Is there a way you can affect it to me/this account ?

    In fact I only see an "Attach" button, but the form tells me I'm not authorized when I submit.

  2. Guillaume Bougard

    Just a comment, I tested it. I only see a problem with the message saying images has been removed (see at wallpaper.js:222), I managed to test it but I obtain the english message, not the french one. This of course can be a problem on my side.

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