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I've been running this in 3.8 for about 3 weeks now and everything is running great. One thing I never realized until tonight when doing some upkeeping is I had all of my wallpapers coming from an old ~ dir and I finally moved them.

The problem started here. I usually have a ton of wallpapers in Backslide and this was not good because as soon as I started moving those files, notifications started popping up, and they probably would have kept coming for hours if I didn't restart the shell. I possibly could have reloaded the extension but I didn't bother, but this is reproducible without much effort if testing is needed.

I think a simple a notification on/off switch would suffice. And/or if at all possible add an option to show one notification instead of all of them, when multiple pictures are detected as missing:

a) lets say for < 5 pictures missing, you get multiple notifications b) and for > 5 just 1 notification stating multiple files are missing?

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  1. Lukas Knuth repo owner

    BackSlide will automatically remove images from the wallpaper-list in the following circumstances:

    1. The Image-file could not be set as the preview in the widget (either because the file is missing or not an image-type). This will only remove this one file and trigger a notification.
    2. The image-file couldn't be found when trying to set it as the wallpaper, which will search the whole list for missing image-files and show a notification (with all files missing).
    3. You opened the wallpaper manager, which will try to load all images in your list. If he can't find or load an image, it will be gone from the list as soon as you save it. No notification.

    The problem here is, that a missing image in case 1 will probably trigger a new missing image (again case 1) and so on. Many people have more than 1000 images in their lists. Running through all these every time a file is missing might be a lot of overhead.

    I'd propose that for moving/maintaining your image list you should simply pause BackSlide. Though I'm open for other suggestions.

  2. l300lvl reporter

    Ok. Pausing remains an option, although it would be nice if it could someone pause for us, maybe when too many missing images are detected, but that may be asking a lot.

    Question: In my test case, the behavior was I deleted the files, and without opening the backslide menu, it detected the missing files and started notifying me. As far as I remember, I did not attempt to change the image or anything, but maybe I did. I may need to test this again. Was/is that a bug, or maybe I didn't actually have the menu closed and I'm confused?

    The only thing remaining is the switch. I think at least add a switch to disable ALL notifications for backslide. If not, I'll be happy to just comment out the notification lines and move on.


  3. Lukas Knuth repo owner
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    Maybe the timer changed the wallpaper and everything went on from there.

    I'll see if there is a way to integrate this in the new Notification-part of gnome-settings tool.

  4. l300lvl reporter

    Yeah it could have been the timer, I totally forgot that factor.

    That would be really cool if that does happen, and it would probably break some ground for other extension authors as well because I can't think of any examples adding the notifications switch to the control center.

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