My personal i3 WM configs. Preview Wallpaper @

Requires these apps:

- compton                   //Compositor
- i3
- lxpanel (gtk3 version)    //For panel
    - volumeicon                //Volume control + OSD
    - nm-applet                 //Network control - Comes with networkmanager packages
- nitrogen                  //Desktop background
- conky                     //For fancy desktop bits
- terminator                //Terminal with transparency. Could use anything.
- lxpolkit                  //Good GUI polkit
- dunst                     //Excellent small and nice notification GUI
- pcmanfm                   //Filemanager, small fast, light.
- scrot                     //Screenshots (bound to 'Print', saves to ~/Pictures/screenshots)

Additional programs of use are (You don't need these, but they are handy)::

- lxapperance               //Apperance settings
- lxrandr                   //For screen setup
- lxinput                   //Keyboard and mouse setup
- lxtask                    //Task manager
- geeqie                    //Fast and light image viewer
- rythmbox                  //Full featured music player
- deadbeef                  //Tiny music player

The i3 config is set up with brightness control for laptops and also volume control + sleep mapped to the keyboard shortcuts