Yeppp does not apply optimizations on a VS2012/.NET 4.5 project if the platform type is not x64

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Anonymous created an issue

I've copy pasted the C# examples in a VS2012 project and noticed that the yeppp! version are not faster unless the Platform Target is set to x64.

This does not happen if the target framework is set to .NET 2.0.

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  1. Marat Dukhan repo owner

    Is it possible that .Net 4.5 runs application in 32-bit environment unless Platform Target is set to x64? Yeppp! does not have optimized kernels for 32-bit x86.

  2. Joe Amenta

    I think I know what's going on here... they were probably running "Any CPU" with the "Prefer 32-bit" box checked in the project properties.

    Using VS2017 preview, I get Windows_X86 with the box checked, Windows_X86_64 without.

    See here for more details.

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