Estimator for the Bit Security of LWE Instances with a Given Number of Samples

This repository is a fork of LWE-Estimator to implemented required changes to take the number of samples into account. Like the original work, this Sage module provides functions for estimating the bit security of Learning with Errors instances.

For usage examples, description of content and contributions, please see the main project LWE-Estimator.

!!! The changes of this repository are merged into the main project now. To make sure you get the latest version of the LWE-Estimator, see the main project LWE-Estimator !!!


If you want to reference the changes to the LWE-Estimator regarding the number of samples, please cite

Markus Schmidt and Nina Bindel.
Estimation of the Hardness of the Learning with Errors Problem with a Restricted Number of Samples.
Cryptology ePrint Archive, Report 2017/140, 2017.