cl-magento is a framework for accessing the Magento REST API. I
developed against Magento Community Edition 1.7.2 with SBCL 1.1.6 and
CCL 1.9 on a Mac running Mountain Lion, and the current version »Works
For Me«.


Copy the tree somewhere and symlink the .asd to where your other .asd
files are symlinked to.

Copy src/config.lisp.example to src/config.lisp and fill in all the
necessary values.

Then, in your REPL:
(asdf:load-system "cl-magento")
(in-package :mage)

If all goes well, you can now query your magento-installation with e. g.


In case of questions, the home of cl-magento is

I make this code available in the hope that there's another crazy person
on this earth who wants to use Common Lisp to use the Magento API, and
who hopefully will contribute their changes and enhancements.