1. Maheshkumar Dhaduk
  2. SR Analytics


Security research analytics is collecting data from Facebook, Youtube, Bitbucket, Mantisbug &Wordpress.
To collect this data  we are using following apis
Facebook- GraphAPI
Youtube- ZendGdata-1.11.11
Bitbucket- Rest api
Mantisbug- SOAP api

Database is designed in mysql and srdatabase.sql file is used for creating database. 

Configuration file contains following entries 
$WORDPRESS :- Wordpress URL eg. 'http://localhost/AndroidMobiles/xmlrpc.php'
$WPUSERNAME: -Username of Wordpress Admin
$WPPASSWORD: - Password of Wordpress Admin
$DBURL :- Database connection string 
$DBUSERNAME:- Database username
$DBPASSWORD:- Database password
$DBNAME: - database name
$MBURL:- Mantisbug URL eg. 'http://securityresearch.in/mantisbt/api/soap/mantisconnect.php?wsdl'
$MBUSERNAME:- Mantisbug username of admin
$MBPASSWORD:- Mantisbug password of admin