# UncerTest: an uncertainty-wise testing tool for test generation and optimization# UncerTest is the uncertainty-wise testing tool, which serves: 1) Abstract Test Case Generation with uncertainty-wise values, configured by two strategies: All Simple Paths, All Path with Maximum Length; 2) Test Case Minimization with uncertainty-wise objectives, configured by four problems; 3) Executable Test Case Generation, which includes two components a) domain codes b) abstract test cases to executable ones; 4) Test Case Prioritization with uncertainty-wise objectives. For more details, please check the [uncertainty-wise minimization](, [uncertainty-wise prioritization]( and [video]( ### Setup ### UncerTest tool includes projects as follows: * Test_Case_Core: the core function for manipulating uml-related models. Please import [jgrapht]( * Test_Case_Generation_Abstract: this project implements two test generation strategies * Test_Case_Generation_Executable: this project implements executable test case generation (junit). * Test_Case_Minimization V2: this project implements four uncertainty-wise minimization problems using [jMetal5]( * Test_Case_Prioritization_V2: this project implements twenty uncertainty-wise prioritization problems using [jMetal5]( * TestModelEMF, TestModelEMF.edit, TestModelEMF.editor: this project implements the interface to edit/view the abstract test cases generated by Test_Case_Generation_Abstract. ### Contact ### * Man Zhang ( * Simula Research Laboratory