Michael Manfre avatar Michael Manfre committed 07396e8

Issue 103 - Use NEWID() for random order_by queries so multiple, identical queries return different randomly ordered resultsets.

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         return '[%s]' % name
     def random_function_sql(self):
-        return 'RAND()'
+        return 'NEWID()'
     def regex_lookup(self, lookup_type):
         # Case sensitivity


         dates = Bug93Table.objects.filter(dt__year='2010')
         self.assertTrue(dates.count() == 2)
+class RandomOrderTestCase(TestCase):
+    def testRandomOrder(self):
+        """
+        Check that multiple results with order_by('?') return
+        different orders.
+        """
+        for x in xrange(1,20):
+            Bug69Table1.objects.create(id=x)
+        a = list(Bug69Table1.objects.all().order_by('?'))
+        b = list(Bug69Table1.objects.all().order_by('?'))
+        self.assertNotEquals(a, b)
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