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Implemented cache_key_culling_sql added by Django ticket 18330.

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 - UPDATE statements will now return the number of rows affected, instead of -1. :issue:`19`
 - Apply fix for :djangoticket:`12192`. If QuerySet slicing would result in ``LIMIT 0``, then it shouldn't reach
   the database because there will be no response.
+- Implemented DatabaseOperation ``cache_key_culling_sql``. :djangoticket:`18330`


 class DatabaseOperations(BaseDatabaseOperations):
     compiler_module = "sqlserver_ado.compiler"
+    def cache_key_culling_sql(self):
+        return """
+            SELECT [cache_key]
+              FROM (SELECT [cache_key], ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY [cache_key]) AS [rank] FROM %s) AS [RankedCache]
+             WHERE [rank] = %%s + 1
+        """
     def date_extract_sql(self, lookup_type, field_name):
         if lookup_type == 'week_day':
             lookup_type = 'weekday'
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