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Documented backend specific `TEST_CREATE` setting

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     will be able to see the plain-text password. Trusted connections are 
+.. setting:: TEST_CREATE
+Default: ``True``
+This setting is specific to the `django-mssql` backend and controls whether or not
+the test database will be created and destroyed during the test creation. This is useful
+when integrating to a legacy database with a complex schema that is created by another
+application or cannot be easily created by Django's syncdb.
+.. code:: python
+    DATABASES = {
+        'default': {
+            'NAME': 'test_legacy_database',
+            'HOST': r'servername\ss2008',
+            'TEST_NAME': 'test_legacy_database',
+            'TEST_CREATE': False,
+        }
+    }
+.. note::
+    This is not intended to allow you to run tests against a QA, staging, or production database.
 .. setting:: OPTIONS
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