Michael Manfre committed b673ea1

Ensure _mssql_ordering_not_allowed is removed from the query.

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 import datetime
 import re
-from contextlib import contextmanager
 # query_class returns the base class to use for Django queries.
 # The custom 'SqlServerQuery' class derives from django.db.models.sql.query.Query
 # which is passed in as "QueryClass" by Django itself.
 def _remove_order_limit_offset(sql):
     return _re_order_limit_offset.sub('',sql).split(None, 1)[1]
-def prevent_ordering_query(compiler_):
-    try:
-        setattr(query, '_mssql_ordering_not_allowed', True)
-        yield
-    finally:
-        delattr(query, '_mssql_ordering_not_allowed')
 class SQLCompiler(compiler.SQLCompiler):
     def resolve_columns(self, row, fields=()):
         # If the results are sliced, the resultset will have an initial 
             # The ORDER BY clause is invalid in views, inline functions, 
             # derived tables, subqueries, and common table expressions, 
             # unless TOP or FOR XML is also specified.
-            self.query._mssql_ordering_not_allowed = with_col_aliases
-            result = super(SQLCompiler, self).as_sql(with_limits, with_col_aliases)
-            # remove in case query is every reused
-            delattr(self.query, '_mssql_ordering_not_allowed')            
+            try:
+                setattr(self.query, '_mssql_ordering_not_allowed', with_col_aliases)
+                result = super(SQLCompiler, self).as_sql(with_limits, with_col_aliases)
+            finally:
+                # remove in case query is every reused
+                delattr(self.query, '_mssql_ordering_not_allowed')
             return result
         raw_sql, fields = super(SQLCompiler, self).as_sql(False, with_col_aliases)
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