Different problems with inspectdb

Issue #25 resolved
Alon Catz
created an issue

I used django-mssql to create a django model from an existing database table and encoutnered the following problems: 1. Some nullable fields (I think nvarchar and ntext and maybe some others) where imported as blank=true but not as null=true 2. timestamp datatype was imported as CharField and was failing during save on utf8 converstion. 3. money datatype is imported as CharField.

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  1. Michael Manfre repo owner

    Fixed #31, #25 - Added date related custom fields with improved introspection

    Added additional custom fields to allow explicitly controlling the date & time database data type. New option 'use_legacy_date_fields' allows changing the default data types to the newer (SQL Server 2008+) date and time data types.

    → <<cset 5f2a820cff9c>>

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