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I have a client that just upgraded to Server 2012, and the problems are plentiful and painful. I'm having them revert to 2008R2 for now, but I'm wondering if support is planned.

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  1. Michael Manfre repo owner

    It will be supported. My employer is planning to start the migration to 2012 later (Q3-Q4) this year and django-mssql will need to support it before that can happen.

    Can you paste the errors you've encountered so far?

  2. mrmaple reporter

    Thanks for the reply! Good to know support is planned.

    DatabaseError: (-2147352567, 'Exception occurred.', (0, u'Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server', u'The data types text and nchar are incompatible in the equal to operator.', None, 0, -2147217900), None)

    This is trying to do an objects.get(device="anything") Where device is

    device = AByteField(blank=True)

  3. Liam Reilly


    I've been directed here as I have been trying to get SQL Server 2012 support for Django. Has work commenced on this? Any idea when it might be available?

    I need to make a decision fairly soon on whether I need to run a separate database for Django on a new project.

    If Django support for MS SQL 2012 was around the corner I would be a very happy bunny :)

  4. Misha Denisenko

    I think Django works with unicode strings only, so you should probably change type of the column from TEXT to NVARCHAR(MAX), if possible. I understand that this will double the size of data for this column, but I don't see the other way.

  5. Michael Manfre repo owner

    Liam, I've just started to investigate sql2012, but I cannot guarantee when support will be ready. My recommendation is to treat the database as a commodity. Work against mssql 2012 and make sure you have good test coverage. If you run in to problems that appear to be specific to mssql 2012, then run your tests against mssql 2008r2 to see if they are magically fixed.

  6. Lenin Espinoza

    Good day, I'm working with sql server 2012 express and, have the following problem, . My connections is: DATABASES = { 'default': { 'ENGINE': 'sqlserver_ado', 'NAME': 'test', 'HOST': r'localhost\SQLEXPRESS,1433', 'USER': 'lenin', 'PASSWORD': '123', 'OPTIONS': { 'provider': 'SQLNCLI11', 'extra_params': 'DataTypeCompatibility=80;MARS Connection=True;', }, # Set to empty string for default. } }


  7. Michael Manfre repo owner

    Lenin, django-mssql is not in your python path. Also, the HOST should only contain the HOST. The PORT has its own key. If you have other problems, please create a new ticket and not add on to an existing (resolved) one. Thanks.

  8. Lenin Espinoza

    conexion.png Michael Manfre. add sqlserver_ado python to path and get the following error. error.png

    the SECRET_KEY = '*lk^6@0l0(iulgar$j)fbvfy&^(^u+qk3j73d18@&+ur^xuTxY'

    thanks for your help

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