Django aggregation unit tests fail

Issue #7 resolved
Michael Manfre
repo owner created an issue

Many of //modeltests.aggregation.tests.BaseAggregateTestCase// fail, primarily due to unexpected return type. SQL Server's AVG() will return a value of the same type of the field being averaged.


{{{ CREATE TABLE ##test ([val] INT) INSERT INTO ##test ([val]) VALUES (1),(2)

-- default behavior, outputs 1 SELECT AVG(val) FROM ##test

-- django unit test compatible behavior, outputs 1.5 SELECT AVG(CAST(val AS FLOAT)) FROM ##test

DROP TABLE ##test }}}

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  1. Michael Manfre reporter

    SQL containing AVG(...) will be modified to cast the contained values to float to allow the function to behave the same as for other databases. E.g. AVG([1,2]) will return 1.5, instead of 1. Casting can be disabled by 'disable_avg_cast' database option. Fixes #7

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